A new form of social gathering on a tropical island in the depths of the Brazilian Amazon.

A 10-day adventure that offers you the freedom to explore unspoiled landscapes and indigenous traditions.

A space that allows music, art and culture to co-exist in harmony with nature. The O MATO Experience.


Rio Negro


11th - 21st

From Where?





"Cheiro do Mato", a year-round eco-lodge on a peninsula in the middle of Brazil's tropical rainforest, 200 km north-east of Manaus. Situated on the banks of a black water river, it borders the Anavilhanas National Park  – a labyrinth of hundreds of wooded islands, that are home to many rare animals and plants.

____ Where You Sleep

You’ll be accommodated in a personal hammock. Our cozy jungle camps are located close to the main area, but far enough to find rest by day and night. Each sleeping spot comes with a large hammock, rain cover/tarp and enough space for yourself and your belongings. What are the benefits? Sleeping outside is calming and improves the quality of your sleep through fresh air, constant exposure to oxygen and pleasant temperatures by night (around 23°). Sleeping in a hammock gives you the perfect protection from animals and insects, as well as the best option to camp in nature without having a significant impact. Don’t worry about mosquitos. The waters of the Rio Negro are very acidic, which is not dangerous for us humans, but no home for mosquitos.

____ What You Eat

Using as few industrial products as possible, we cooperate with neighbouring settlers, local fishermen and farmers to deliver an authentic culinary experience. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, will be prepared in our restaurant by local chefs and come with regional and fresh products.


In addition to a musically diverse program, our location - with direct forest and water access and a proximity to the National Park - presents endless possibilities. Choose between music nights, tours, activities & workshops.

____ What You Do

Explore the tropical world on different boat trips or jungle hikes. You can choose from a variety of tours, from relaxed excursions to more demanding expeditions. All start off straight from the venue.
The program also offers a range of traditional as well as modern workshops and activities. Learn about indigenous traditions from locals or get active by yourself with activities such as wakeboarding or canoeing. For further details read our full program here..

____ What You Dance To



You can choose between two types of tickets

11th — 21st September

Phase 1 (Internationals) € 495 Buy now
Phase 1 (South Americans) R$ 1.320 Buy now
Phase 2 (Internationals) € 555
Phase 2 (South Americans) R$ 1.770
Phase 3 (Internationals) € 625
Phase 3 (South Americans) R$ 1.770

11th - 15th OR 15th - 21st of September: (coming soon)

Phase 2 (Internationals) € 355
Phase 2 (South Americans) R$ 1.145
Phase 3 (Internationals) € 395
Phase 3 (South Americans) R$ 1.370
  • Food: 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Sleep: Accommodation in personal hammock (ship or jungle)
  • Program: 2 basic tours and a selection of activities
  • And more: Fresh water, hostel discounts & travel guide services
  • Transportation: From Manaus and back (not for 5 Day Pass; read FAQs)

Ticket Registration / Payment

1. I applied for a ticket on your website, but didn't get a confirmation. Is something wrong?

It usually takes up to 48h for us to respond. In case you don’t receive anything, contact us via info@o-mato.com. Please also have a look in your spam folder.

2. Is there a minimum age?

Yes, to ensure safety and responsible behavior of all participants, the minimum age is 21 years.

3. How can I pay for my ticket?

We accept all common credit cards. In case your need an alternative payment method, please contact info@o-mato.com.

4. Can i pay my ticket in installments?

Yes, you can pay your ticket in max. 3 installments (1 per month). Installment plans stop in July.

5. Can I cancel my ticket?

You are free to cancel your ticket any time. Payback conditions change, the closer we get to the event. Please have a look at our T&C, article 6.4.

7. Are you hiring workers, volunteers, photographers/video people etc. for O MATO?

We work in a small, well experienced team and recruit workers ourselves. There is always a spot available for motivated people, who are keen to work in a rough jungle environment over several weeks. Please keep in mind, that volunteers will have to pay for a workers ticket, that covers the minimum expenses. Send us your request via info@o-mato.com

Before the festival

8. When should I arrive in Manaus to be on time for the boat?

The ship leaves Manaus on 11th of September at 12pm. Please make sure to arrive on time. If you’re late you will need to get extra transport via Bus and Boat, with an additional cost.

9. Where is the boat leaving from?

You’ll be informed via mail/text from us 1-2 days before the 11th of September. You’ll receive all instructions needed to get to the departure spot. (This includes the departure information for 5 Day Passes as well)

10. I bought a 5 Day Pass, how does the transfer to/from Novo Airao work?

11th to 15th: You will be transfered to the next village called Novo Airao. From there on you can either take a bus (4h/R$40 p.P.) or get a cab (3h/R$270 for the whole car)

15th to 21st: To get to the pick up spot, you can take a bus (4h/R$40 p.P.) or a cab (3h/R$270) from Manaus Bus Station (Rodoviária) to Novo Airao (Harbour). Pick up time will be 1 pm on 15th of September. Please make sure to be on time.

11. How much money should i bring? Will there be an atm?

O MATO is a cash free zone. You can change your money (€/R$) into O MATO Coins before the event via bank transfer or at the event at our office. We ask you to bring enough money, as we don’t accept cards and the next ATM is a 1,5 hours boat ride away. We recommend bringing €150 - 300 for drinks, tours and others.

The Experience

12. What is the mosquito situation at the venue like?

There are very few mosquitos at Cheiro do Mato. The bypassing waters of the Rio Negro are very acidic, which is not dangerous for us humans, but no home for mosquitos.

13. Will I have phone signal at O MATO?

No, there is no reception at the venue. Please tell your loved ones that you won’t be reachable for these 10 days.

15. Do i have to sleep in the hammock?

We don’t oblige you to do so, but from experience and local habits we know that hammocks are the most comfortable way to sleep in the jungle. If there is no way for you to sleep hanging, we won’t stop you from putting up a tent.

16. Will there be a medical service?

We have well experienced paramedics at the venue, who are properly prepared for the conditions given.

17. When do we get back to Manaus after the 10 Days?

The boat will return to Manaus harbor on 21st of September around 12pm.