O MATO is a German/Brazilian collective that creates a platform for natural and cultural values to be exchanged within a global community. We want to communicate environmental and socio- cultural issues in harmony with the desire for an alternative, hedonistic and adventurous lifestyle.

Our main project is "The O MATO Experience", a new form of social gathering incorporating adventure travels, outdoor parties and indigenous traditions in the midst of the Brazilian Rainforest. We enhance environmental awareness by offering local held workshops and nature explorations. Local staff, regional products and recycled materials are the essence for a sustainable treat with the local economy and nature.

Further O MATO is actively working as an eco friendly tour operator in the Rio Negro region. Using the festival location “Cheiro do Mato” as a base for river cruises, expeditions and night safaris, we also offer overnight stays in rooms or hammocks on our property. Our principles are the same: Native guides, domestic food and small groups for the sole purpose of natural preservation.

The enhancement of cultural exchange is being realized throughout a series of events in Germany, Brazil and other countries around the world. Hereby we intend to promote tolerance and understanding on the basis of a common interest: music and culture.

Foto Credits: Eneas Bohatsch